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DownPour Festival happens each year because so many loyal fans get invested, and get involved, with the work of this ministry.  Whether it is through prayer, regular monthly giving, volunteering, working on a street team, or partnering ministries, DownPour simply could not exist without generous, committed, dedicated, and passionate hearts like YOU.  Here are some ways you can get involved with making DownPour Festival happen year after year!  God Bless!


GIVING:  “God’s ways are not our ways.  There is no striving in the Kingdom.  The Father owns everything.  He gifts each of us in different ways for different work.  The (ministry name) team is called to minister Jesus’ heart to lost and hurting people in the midst of life.  He calls some to go, as this staff and board have done…and calls others to send.  Most of us are budgeted and we can be effective each year with electronic monthly faithfulness.  Your monthly gift helps us continue to minister three months and six months from now when the single gifts are gone.  There is no gift too small, as the Lord loved the ‘Widows Mite’…just as there is no gift too large either because ‘to whom much is given much is required.’  It all adds up.  Whatever the Lord speaks to you is the right number and will be a blessing.

PRAYER:  There is nothing more powerful than prayer, and we covet yours for DownPour Festival.  We would love to have you praying for us, and there are many specific areas where you can effectively pray for the DownPour ministry.  Wisdom; pray that the decisions we make are made with the wisdom of Christ, and of a discerning spirit.  Life Change; the reason we do this is to see lives changed.  Please pray that Gods spirit would not only be among us, but also that he would guide his people to come and encounter, and respond to him.  Finances; He is the provision for His vision, but we have to answer the call.  Please pray that people will step up and embrace and support the work of DownPour.  His ministry….His heart….His kingdom.

VOLUNTEER:  DownPour Festival is so blessed to have great volunteers.  The festival could be pulled off without the event organizers, but if we did not have such faithful people willing to serve alongside us, it would never happen!  Not a volunteer yet?  Want to continue volunteering?  Well, There are many areas where we always need support.  Read through them, and let us know what fits You best!

STREET TEAM:  Street teams are a relatively new concept for DownPour.  We need your help, in your community.  If you were to become one of our street team members and/or leaders, here’s what you could expect; you would receive promotional items directly from DownPour such as posters, promo videos, radio PSA spots, flyers, literature, and possibly prize type items to get out to your community.  These things would then be yours to put up, pass out, give away, and make accessible to those in your community, thereby helping us spread the word about DownPour.  We cannot be in all communities without your help, and we would love to have you working as ambassadors in your community for DownPour.

PARTNER:  Over the years, DownPour has been blessed to partner with other ministries in an effort to advance the Kingdom.  We realize that there are many things that we would like to do, and that effective ministries are out there already doing them and would benefit from our support, just as we would benefit from their support.  If you are part of a ministry that is interested in becoming a Ministry Partner with DownPour, we would love to talk with you, and see if we can establish a relationship that would be mutually beneficial.

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